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REACH Only Representative


If your company manufactures or imports a substance into the EU or UK markets in quantities greater than 1 ton/year, REACH requires you to register the substance with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) or the UK equivalent. For legal reasons, only companies with legal entities in Europe or UK respectively can submit registrations. Manufacturers and formulators, however, may appoint an Only Representative based in the appropriate region to register on their behalf. Their Importers can then be regarded as Downstream Users who do not need their own registrations.


Benefits for Exporters

  • Ensures continued market access

  • Avoids dependence on a single importer

  • Gains advantage over competitors that have not appointed an Only Representative

  • Confidential information is protected from competitors and distributors


Benefits for Importers

Relief from the obligation and expense of registration, ensuring continued market access




The Brexit transition period ended 31st December. Registrations by UK-based Only Representatives are no longer valid for EU imports. Alemare Solutions therefore only offers this service for exports to the UK.  Only Representative services for exports to the EU.

are provided by our partner Ekotox.

If you would like further information or guidance on what you should be doing, please contact us via the Contact menu option.

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