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We are a Lincolnshire-based REACH compliance consultancy that offers the following services to Small & Medium sized companies that manufacture, import or use chemicals as part of their business. We specialise in helping companies that are not regarded as part of the chemical industry but must comply with regulations such as REACH, CLP & COSHH

REACH Impact Assessment Service

Do you fully understand how REACH affects your business?

If you make or handle chemicals you need to understand the REACH regulation and its impact on your business. Failure to comply can be costly and even stop your commercial activities. Businesses of all sizes may be affected, from hairdressing to manufacturing.


Dealing with  chemical regulations such as REACH can be daunting and time consuming. We specialise in providing support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  so that you can comply with the REACH Regulation and related legislation. without incurring excessive costs and workload.

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Chemical Risk Assessment Services

Have you recently checked the safety of the chemicals used in your business?


Are you aware of the potential risks to your staff or the environment?


If the answer to either question is “No”, you must take action to meet your legal obligations.


Alemare Solutions offer a range of REACH compliance and chemical safety risk assessment services such as reviewing and updating your Safety Data Sheets against current requirements, or conducting COSHH assessments to ensure that your operations do not result in risks to your workforce or the environment

Only Representative Services

Are you a non-UK

manufacturer that wants to export chemicals to the UK?


Alemare Solutions offer cost-effective Only Representative services to EU and Rest-of-World companies that wish to export to the UK.

This enables them to avoid disruption to their UK sales if importers have not registered the substances.

Only Representative services for exports to the EU are provided by our partner, Ekotox.  

If you have a requirement that you feel is not covered in the list above, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

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